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10 Upgrade

—————————OFFER EXTENDED TO JULY 28TH—————————


On June 28th, Microsoft will begin charging for upgrades to Windows 10. So if you want to upgrade, or think you might have a need to upgrade before the end of your current computers life. Then NOW is the time to act. After June 28th, it will cost $120 if you do it yourself and $209 if you need technical assistance.
Masterlink Computers is currently offering to upgrade your computer from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 for $50. This deal guarantees your documents, favourites and emails will all survive the upgrade. We will also look at other issues such as compatibility with old programs and hardware. For example. Did you realise that even after you upgrade, there are settings that need to be changed. Such as: the default install allows your computer to download Windows Updates and then share them with others on the internet. This will slow you down and “blow out” most peoples Internet Usage Plans.
You can elect to do the upgrade yourself. However, be aware that it is an extremely large download, exceeding 2Gbs. This will “blow out” most peoples download limits, if they’re on 3G or 4G dongle connections. In most cases the upgrades go without too many difficulties. Most of the problems we see are related to graphics card problems or pre-existing issues with the computer.
Masterlink Computers advice is to upgrade now, and don’t delay it any longer. Why… (1) Most of the intial problems with Windows 10 have been resolved. (2) If you don’t like 10, you can “wind back” to your existing version within 30 days. (3) Microsoft are really pushing 10, although 7 and 8 are still current and supported… you’ll find it hard to hold off for ever – so why not give it a go now!
If you’re still not sure, then contact us on (07) 41255077 to discuss your concerns. Many people are staying with 7… and thats ok! We just want to make sure you’re aware of what’s going on and don’t get left behind.

Commences September 5th, 2016

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