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Complete this form and we'll email a quote to you for a new system.
We need to know just a few basic details about you. Your Name, Address and Phone Number etc. This will allow us to send you a quote, other details and a tax invoice if you decide to go ahead with a purchase.
When choosing a case, you need to consider cooling, and physical space to add additional had drives, led's, cooling and other accessories. In general a Full Tower would be the preferred option. But if space and preference dictate something smaller, then it can be done with an ATX box.
The processor is the single most expensive component in a gaming computer, with possibly the exception of the graphics card. For most games an i5 is adequate and if you go for a "k" overlocked chip, then you should be pretty right. However, you can't get past the fact that an i7 is superior in both price and performance. Depending on the game an i7 could be a real benefit, but before spending the extra money.... check out the game manufacturers website for recommendations.
We would suggest an SSD boot drive and 1TB data drive. This option gives you speed and storage. Depending on the games, some take up a large amount of space. In most cases 1TB is sufficient. However, if you're into 4 or more serious online games, then go for a 2TB drive.
Ram dictates speed and how many simultaneous tasks you can carry our. Keep in mind this is "system ram" that does all the calculation. Your video card will handle the graphics. Try not to get less than 16GB if the budget allows.
There are basically four things to consider when buying a video card. 1 The Manufacturers Recommendation, 2 Cost, 3 Ram, 4 Capabilities, such as rendering. In this section you can specify a price range, or tell us what type of card you have in mind. If you're just not sure, then simply list the games that you play and we'll match a card.
List your card specifications or the games you play.
We'd suggest selecting Windows 10. Technically there are few reasons why you would select Windows 7 as your operating system. However, it does also come down to personal preference. Windows 10 has some features which may be a real benefit. However, keep in mind you have less control over updates etc. Check out the recommendations of the game manufacturer.
These options may not interest you too much in relation to gaming. However, there's a good chance your computer will still be used for the more "mundane" tasks in life.
Every system needs antivirus software, even gaming pc's. However, as most gamers know antivirus software kills games. We suggest using Defender, it's light and unobtrusive. Applications like Nortons and Trend are resource hungry and can't easily be disabled.
You can buy just one part of a computer, such as the tower if you already have a good monitor and keyboard etc. However, the option is yours. You can buy any combination of accessories. If you want a particular gaming keyboard or mouse etc. then make a note in the next section under "Special Instructions".
OK. Last Question. Is there anything you want to tell us. Perhaps you're concerned about the price and working to a budget. Or maybe you're worried about your geneology software. Here's your chance to give us any special instructions.