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Complete this form and we'll email a quote to you for a new system.
We need to know just a few basic details about you. Your Name, Address and Phone Number etc. This will allow us to send you a quote, other details and a tax invoice if you decide to go ahead with a purchase.
We're going to make some assumptions. So our apologies in advance if we get anything wrong. So first we're guessing you don't want a huge computer case with flashing LED lights, and window so you can drool over how awesome your cpu looks We're going out on a limb and saying you need a small case, you can tuck under your desk, out of site.
We don't think you need anything higher than an i3. Why spend money on larger processors that you just wont use. Some stores will try to sell you a lower spec'd processor, such as a dual core. "Big Mistake". It might be cheaper, but you'll pay in the long run with frustration over slow speed and if your grand-kids come to visit... they may not be able to play their games.
The hard drive is where all the programs and data is stored. We don't think you'll need any more than 500GB. That will allow you to store emails, photos, and do all those other neat things like download photos from your damera.
Ram basically dictates the speed of your computer. It's the working memory. We don't believe you will need any more than 4GB. Why pay for extra if you don't need it.
Now we're getting down to the serious stuff. What version of windows to choose. Regardless of what you've heard Windows 7 is still current and supported. It's really your choice to choose what you want. However, if you want a recommendation.... here it is: If you like windows 7, have only used windows 7 and don/t want to change.... then select Windows 7. Otherwise, to 10.
When you buy a system from Masterlink. We do the initial setup, and install the basic free software, such as Adobe Reader and of course all the Windows Updates. However, you may need a couple of extras.
There are a number of really good free AntiVirus programs available, such as AVG and Avast. And Windows comes with either Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials. All of these are great for general protection. However, you do internet banking or have confidential information on your computer. Then we would recommend a paid AntiVirus application, such as Kaspersky.
You can buy just one part of a computer, such as the tower if you already have a good monitor and keyboard etc. However, the option is yours. You can buy any combination of accessories.
OK. Last Question. Is there anything you want to tell us. Perhaps you're concerned about the price and working to a budget. Or maybe you're worried about your geneology software. Here's your chance to give us any special instructions.