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We need to know just a few basic details about you. Your Name, Address and Phone Number etc. This will allow us to send you a quote, other details and a tax invoice if you decide to go ahead with a purchase.
Different people use their laptop for different purposes. For example, my mum does nothing but play solitaire, but my kids love playing games. What would you use your laptop for.
We'd suggest selecting Windows 10. Technically there are few reasons why you would select Windows 7 as your operating system. However, it does also come down to personal preference. Windows 10 has some features which may be a real benefit.
Are you likely to need Office, an Email program or perhaps data transfer.
Every system needs antivirus software,. Defender isn't too bad, it's light and unobtrusive. Applications like Nortons and Trend are resource hungry and can't easily be disabled. While products like Kaspersky are relatively light and keep up to date with the latest viruses.
I think we have enough information to provide a quote for your new laptop. Now we just need to know if you need any extras.
OK. Last Question. Is there anything you want to tell us. Perhaps you're concerned about the price and working to a budget. Or maybe you're worried about your geneology software. Here's your chance to give us any special instructions.