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Complete this form and we'll email a quote to you for a new system.
We need to know just a few basic details about you. Your Name, Address and Phone Number etc. This will allow us to send you a quote, other details and a tax invoice if you decide to go ahead with a purchase.
If we lived in a perfect world, then we know you want a Small Form Factor case (small). That would make it easy to move around from flat to flat or take home between semesters. However, we also now you like to take time out from study and do a bit of gaming now and then. So an ATX tower might suit better. If you need to justify the larger computer. Just tell everyone you're working with large files and need heaps of storage. They'll never suspect your computer has a dual role.
If you're doing basic study, then you might get away with an i3... but we have our doubts. In most cases an i5 is probably the better option. However, if you're studying architecture, GIS, engineering, typology or similar subjects. then go for an i7.
When it comes to storage, forget 500GB. You need at least 1TB.... 2TB is better. If you're studying data intensive subjects, like design or photography. Then the best configuration is to select a Solid State Drive for your operating system and use a second drive for data. This will give you the added speed with ample storage.
Ram dictates speed and how many simultaneous tasks you can carry our. Forget 4GB. You need at least 8GB or 16GB as a minimum.
We'd suggest selecting Windows 10. Technically there are few reasons why you would select Windows 7 as your operating system. However, it does also come down to personal preference. Windows 10 has some features which may be a real benefit in your study. However, keep in mind you have less control over updates etc. which may be an inconvenience when your trying to meeting deadlines etc.
Check with your training institution. In some cases Microsoft Office and other required software is available either free, or at greatly reduced prices.
There are a number of really good free AntiVirus programs available, such as AVG and Avast. And Windows comes with either Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials. All of these are great for general protection. However, you do internet banking or have confidential information on your computer. Then we would recommend a paid AntiVirus application, such as Kaspersky.
You can buy just one part of a computer, such as the tower if you already have a good monitor and keyboard etc. However, the option is yours. You can buy any combination of accessories.
OK. Last Question. Is there anything you want to tell us. Perhaps you're concerned about the price and working to a budget. Or maybe you're worried about your geneology software. Here's your chance to give us any special instructions.