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Complete this form and we'll email a quote to you for a new system.
We need to know just a few basic details about you. Your Name, Address and Phone Number etc. This will allow us to send you a quote, other details and a tax invoice if you decide to go ahead with a purchase.
What type of computer do you have in mind? You can choose a Small Form Factor case, which will minimise desktop real estate. Although an ATX tower is bigger, it allows adding additional hard drives, video cards and other hardware. But if you really want to tidy up your desktop, then maybe an All-in-one is the way to go. They're all great systems, so pick the one that's ideal for you.
An i3 processor is ideal for a receptionist or general office employee using word, excel, email, website browsing and the basics. An i5 is faster and can handle multi-tasking and a few more complex tasks. If your not sure if an i3 or i5 is more suitable, then go for the i5. This decision will future-proof you and should cover all the bases. An i7 is the top of the range. It would be best to choose this processor if your computer is going to act as a "server", having to do a lot of different jobs, simultaneously.
The hard drive is where all the programs and data is stored. We don't think you'll need any more than 1TB. That will allow you to store a lot of information. However, if you're working with GIS, plans, schematics, photographs or other large files. Then a larger hard drive or second hard drive makes sense.
Ram basically dictates the speed of your computer. And how many things it can do simultaneously. For most people 4GB is enough. However, for business, we suggest 8GB to ensure smooth operation.
Windows 7 Pro is still current, support and available. Many businesses are staying with 7 as it's proven to be stable and compatible with most software. However, many companies are also moving to Windows 10. There's nothing wrong with that, it's a good operating system and offers some very useful features. So unless your specific software requires one particular version. It really comes down to personal preference. For business you should use the Professional versions, This has additional security, more network connections and features specific to business.
When you buy a system from Masterlink. We do the initial setup, and install the basic free software, such as Adobe Reader and of course all the Windows Updates. However, you may need a couple of extras.
There are a number of really good free AntiVirus programs available, such as AVG and Avast. And Windows comes with either Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials. All of these are great for general protection. However, you do internet banking or have confidential information on your computer. Then we would recommend a paid AntiVirus application, such as Kaspersky or BitDefender.
You can buy just one part of a computer, such as the tower if you already have a good monitor and keyboard etc. However, the option is yours. You can buy any combination of accessories.
OK. Last Question. Is there anything you want to tell us. Perhaps you're concerned about the price and working to a budget. Or maybe you're worried about your geneology software. Here's your chance to give us any special instructions.