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AVPCTV Installs

Masterlink has an experienced Audio / Visual technician. If you need a new smart tv, sound system installed or just good reliable advice. Contact us today.


If you’ve purchased a new television, stereo, computer, or simply moved and need it set up – then we can help!

Tv InstallTelevisions:
Our installers can collect your new purchase from the store, deliver it to your home and set it up for you. For a t.v., this includes connecting all the cables correctly, tuning to local stations and if necessary wall mount it for you.
Please note that we can offer advice and product recommendations. However you need to discuss any requirement for mounting brackets with the place of purchase. You also need to consider if an electrician or antenna installer is required to provide additional outlets.

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We’ll even take away all the packaging for you.

AV InstallA.V. Devices – (Includes Stereo Systems, Set-Top Boxes, Consoles etc.)
If you want us to pickup your new purchase and deliver it, along with the installation. Then we are only too happy to help out. We’ll even sort out all those cables, to make sure everything’s connected correctly.
Please note that Masterlink Computers carries a wide range of cables and accessories. However, unless notified in advance, we are unable to guarantee that our technician will have these readily available. So please discuss your requirements with us in advance. The supply of cables and accessories will incur additional charges.

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PC InstallComputers
You don’t have to purchase a computer from us, to have data transferred and installed.

Pickup from store, delivery to your home and setup of your internet and printer etc. (This service does not include networking or installation of more than 2 software packages, unless prior arrangements have been made. Generally 1 hour is allocated for a computer install.

With newly purchased computers, there is usually a pre-installation process to be completed, and inevitably a lot of “rubbish” software, you may want removed. You may also want data transferred from an old computer. If this is the case, please give us a call to organise the most convenient way of completing this work for you.

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