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Complete this form and we will book a technician to come to your house and repair your computer. Depending on your answers. You will either receive an email or text message from our despatch centre, confirming the date and time. Or we will contact you to confirm details.
An account holder is a client who has purchased goods or services from Masterlink in the past. Account holders have a choice of paying by Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, EftPos Direct Debit. Non-Account clients must pay by EftPos, Credit Card or Cash on our first visit.
Not required if you are a Residential Client.
If you are an existing client. Please use the name we are most likely to have in our database.
Please keep in mind that our technician needs to find you. You can include any instructions to find your house or business. Please use your physical address. No P.O. Box Numbers.
If you have a mobile phone number. We would prefer that. However you can supply a landline number or both.
Please let us know when you will be home. We will try to honor any preffered date or time. However, we must also accommodate other clients and work within other tasks that our technician may have commitments to. Our despatch centre will send you and email or text confirming the nearest time available. You can also state a time or day etc. that you are not available, if that/s easier for you.