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Businesses in the Wide Bay are all geographically isolated.  There are few roads connecting our business centers and those that do exist, have a history of flooding. This isolation also means that when a major disaster does strike, resources are limited.

There’s no way to foresee what might happen, but we can minimise the risk and ensure plans to get back up and running quickly are in place.

Our Off-Site Backup Includes:

  • Plans scaled to your specific needs.
  • Data encrypted to ensure confidentiality.
  • Data copied to our Servers in Hervey Bay & our Data Center in Brisbane.
  • Technicians on hand to recover your data.
  • Backups individually checked every day.

The cost is independent on the number of pc’s or servers to be backed up. The amount of data involved and any discounts applicable from other Masterlink services you may subscribe to. If interested in this service, please contact Michael or Derek on (07) 41255077.

Amongst our clients using this service. We have doctors, real estate agents, refrigeration specialists, community service organisations, renovators, dentists, pharmacies and pysiotherapists. In some cases we have recovered computer systems and data for organisations hit by major disasters, such as the floods which devastated Maryborough in 2013. Others have used our service to recover after databases have become corrupted due to faulty updates and failing computers.

30th April, 2012hookerletter

Dear Mike,
Just a short note to express our gratitude to you and your team at Masterlink for the great service and advice you have provided to our company with regard to our computers and IT solutions. It is a pleasure to deal with you all.

Thank you for implementing the off-site backup procedure for us. It has given Alan and I enormous peace of mind knowing that our data is safely backed up each day without us having to do anything. It’s a great relief to know that whatever happens to our office, our data is stored off site in a remote and secure location and is retrievable at any time should the unexpected occur. This service saves us time and money in having to manually back up our data and without putting the onus of responsibility on a member of staff to do so.

As you well know, there are many things to take into account every single day in business – backing up our data is now one less chore that we have to worry about.

                                                                                      Heather Charles
                                                                                      Office Manager

“The Cost Minimal – The Savings, Your Business”

Fees (per month):

Prices 9

If you want to discuss your backup requirements, please phone Michael or Derek on (07) 41255077  or email us