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Wifi Hotspots

It seems these days, everyone’s attached to their phone. The public demand constant access to the internet either for business or social reasons.  To compete commercially and  gain “star rating accreditation” wifi for guests is a must. However, it costs and there are some pitfalls to be aware of.


Our systems are customised to your business and are currently installed in a number of Wide Bay businesses including cafes, motels, clubs and public spaces.

Flexibility & Cost Recovery:
Masterlink’s wifi systems allow you to provide different levels of access to different users. For example you may wish to provide 500GB per day free access to your guests, but charge for someone who may wish to exceed this limit. We can also organise for ticket access for longer periods such as 3 days or a week. The choice is yours.

Most establishments are on a single broadband connection. However, even with an unlimited plan. Several guests using your connection at the same time will slow everyone down, perhaps even to a point where a user is unable to refresh pages. So you may need a method of sharing your connection fairly.

Excessive Download:
One of the biggest issues is excessive download caused through torrenting music and videos, or perhaps from common sites like youtube. It’s impractical to block all these sites, however you may wish to consider capping the download in some manner or making such downloads impractical.

Legally, you are the owner of your internet connection. It’s in your name and thus, you are responsible for it’s use. Our systems include a “family friendly” filter to prevent misuse. All connections are also securely logged, which provides you with evidence, should it ever be needed.

Masterlink leases their wifi controller boxes and 1 primary antenna for a small fee each month. Which in most cases is more than recovered through ticket sales.
This lease means we will install the system and repair any failure to the controller or primary antenna at no cost to you. We will even replace the unit at no cost if it fails. The only time we will charge for repairing these units is through electrical fusion or malicious damage. In some cases additional antennas are required, these are purchased and remain your property, although we will maintain them at no charge while you are leasing the main controller from us.



We just want to say thank you for coming down to Grafton for the weekend to set up our Wifi etc. We want to say how much we appreciate you both and the staff at Masterlink for your ongoing support and assistance which helps our business enormously. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you guys in our new adventure. Thanks so much.
Donna & Andrew and Coco

If you’re considering a Masterlink Wifi Hotspot system. Then give us a call for a free wifi audit of your premises. We can also provide references from existing clients if required.

Contact Michael (Installer) or Derek (Developer) on (07) 41255077