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Masterlink business is repairing computers. It doesn’t matter what brand, model or operating system. We do it all.


When you bring a computer tower into us. Only bring the tower itself, we don’t need cables unless you suspect they may be faulty. We attempt to complete repairs within 3 days. But in most cases, we get them out in less than this and always try to have your job completed before a weekend. However, there are some exceptions:

All computers are given a “general service”. There are a lot of different tasks involved in a general service, which we’re quite happy to explain when you book the job in. However, essentially it all means you’ll get your computer back, cleaner and faster.

If you live out of town, then please let us know. If at all possible, we will attempt to have the job completed before you head back home.

If your computer is used for business, it is automatically assigned a priority status. However, please realise our services are under great demand. Therefore, although your computer may have a priority status, it may still take a little time. Consider paying just that little bit exgtra for our “RED” priority. A technician will stop what they’re doing, and pick your job up immediately. It may still take a little time to fix, but you won’t get a faster service anywhere

If you’re unable to bring your computer into us, then we can come to you or arrange to pick it up. Please note that for clients within Hervey Bay city who do not have a vehicle or a disability. We will consider picking your computer up at no additional charge. However, this is at the managers discretion, so please enquire when you call.

Assistance is always available if you need someone to carry your computer when dropping it off, or picking up. Just let us know. Although there is no marked disability parking at the Crown Street complex, there is usually ample parking right outside the door. and a customer marked parking bay at the end of the building.


When you bring your laptop into us, we prefer you to leave the power supply. But don’t need the bag and other accessories unless they are involved in the repair.

Business Clients and Travellers automaticaly get a priority service, and you can purchase a “RED” priority ticket which means we drop what we’re doing and give your job our full attention. If you’re staying at a motel or don’t have transport readily available. We can organise pickup and drop-off.

You can help us by bringing your laptop power supply in with you. Although we have our own, we sometimes run short as there’s so many different types and this can hold up repair.

Broken Screens and keyboards are the two most common repairs we see on laptops. For these, what we usually do is see if we have a refurbished part in stock. These parts usually range from $65 to $120 including labour to install. It’s important you bring your laptop into us, so we can match a part. Giving us the model number over the phone, usually isn’t sufficient as often makes and models are interchangeable.

Batteries are another common purchase which generally have a 3-4 year life span. We don’t carry batteries in stock, due to the number vast number of models available. To purchase a battery, you need to bring your laptop in for us to check (we prefer not to do this off a model number provided to us). Once we’ve checked the laptops details, you can take it back home. We will provide a quote for the battery before ordering and give you a call when it arrives. Generally this  process takes 3-10 working days.

A failed power socket is common fault in laptops. It really doesn’t cost that much to have us strip a laptop down and resolder or replace the socket or failed component. For seriously damaged laptops, aged machines or where parts aren’t available. You also have the option to get the power supply “hard wired” to the mainboard. Although this means the power supply is permanently attached and lessens portability. It will get you up and running, and is sometimes the preferred option.


We specialise in All-in-One computers. Usually we don’t need the power cable, unless it has a power supply attached.

All-in-One systems are very different to standard towers. Often the parts aren’t available in Australia as many are directly imported by national chains, without taking into account the availability of parts for repair. There are also other unique aspects to these systems, such as the compact design and cooling requirements.


In most cases printers aren’t worth repairing. Due to the non-availability of parts, the cost of purchase and the inferior quality. However, we will have a look and see what we can do.

In most cases we will only charge a diagnostic fee if we are unable to repair the unit.

Security Systems:

We don’t supply security systems. If you’re interested in purchasing a DVR, Cameras or monitored system, then we would direct you to our affiliate Chris Jones Security Systems.

However, we do repair and configure these systems, including the setting up of remote access.

Electronic Components:

In general we do not repair individual electronic components. However, we will do small soldering jobs etc., or direct you to the most appropriate repairer.

Tablets and Mobile Phones:

We no longer repair Screens on Tablets or Mobile Phones, as the market has been flooded by inferior cheap parts. We do however fix software and operaional issues. If unsure, give us a call.